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RIGGTECH designs and constructs architectural fittings to suit any application and budget

Bring us your idea and you will end up with a structure of which you'll be very proud.

We believe our creations need to be aesthetically pleasing and keep in style with the surroundings

You can choose to use one of our existing designs or get your own designer to create a unique structure that compliments the situation

Working closely with accomplished architects we achieve correct and befitting results

Our knowledge of building materials and their properties is extensive

This enables us to anticipate and avoid any problems that may result from the attachment of a new component to an existing structure

We take great care to evaluate common issues:

  • Ensure appropriate tensions in all applications
  • Specify a correct attachment system most suitable for the job
  • Identify the optimum position for the attachment of a fitting
  • We anticipate and solve waterproofing issues