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We can do anything with a MAST of any material and configuration

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Mast_02We create masts of high quality More_info_044E

We fabricate custom components

We make improvements to masts

We renew rigging on masts

We repair damaged masts

We maintain masts

We inspect masts

We transport mast

We install masts

We paint masts

Creating Masts & Booms

It's extremely important that when we create Masts & Booms for your vessel they need to be ultimately reliable for the safety of everyone on board. Our extensive experience in building masts and rigging components for over 20 years has earned us the reputation of delivering outstanding products. We are the mast builder of choice by BUIZEN Yachts, the Australian builders of world class pilothouse yachts - winner of "Yacht of the year 2008".

Fabricating Custom Components

Special components are fabricated in our fully equipped workshop by highly skilled craftsmen. We create components from aluminium and stainless steel of uncompromised quality. Items are either specially built for specific applications or by modifying an existing production fitting.





There is always something to improve on your mast and rigging. Installing a batten slide car system makes mainsail handling much easier. Lazy jacks with a boom-bag take the pain out of having to flake mainsails. Upgrading to a stronger gooseneck, boomvang attachment or mainsheet bail will minimise the risk of a breakage in fresher conditions especially on yachts of older vintage. Updating to modern spreader mounting and more secure spreader tips improves integrity of your rig and increases the overall safety. We will come up with a suitable solution to get the best out of your existing set up.



It's absolutely paramount to renew the standing rigging every 7 to 9 years depending on the level of use. Because the vessel is just about always in some kind of motion all the metal components involved in keeping the mast standing fatigue and work harden continually. From our experience we see more breaks than cracks and that's when it can become costly. It takes a well trained eye to see cracking of wire or components before they destruct.




Usually it is possible to repair cracks and some breaks of a mast whether it is made of aluminium, timber or carbon fibre. Most efficient way is to transport the mast to our factory facility where we make all necessary repairs. With all metal and woodworking machinery and tools under one roof the repairs can be done without wasting time travelling to get bits that are needed for the job.

Of course if the job requires to be done on board we can take all necessary items and tools there.




Very important and often neglected! Your mast & rigging need regular maintenance to ensure everyone's safety and to keep everything in good working order.
Have the work done by professional specialist riggers! We have maintenance programs to keep all your vessel's systems working that they are reliable when you need them most.



Regular inspections of the mast and rigging can greatly minimise chances of detrimental failure.
Rig inspection on a standing mast is done only when the vessel is afloat! When you use the vessel a lot we can set up a notification schedule to let you know that it's time for a  6 monthly mast inspection. Inspections are available for regular safety checks, offshore yacht racing requirements, pre-purchase and insurance reports.



Masts and other long components can be easily transported short or long distances on our special robust mast trailer. We take great care when transporting long loads that nothing gets damaged on the way. Our drivers are very capable of securing the load correctly and manouvering in difficult situations. Contact us to discuss your transport needs.


When it comes to installing a new mast or reinstalling an existing mast into a vessel we take extra care to make sure it is done correctly and nothing gets damaged in the process. Our attention to fine detail prevents small problems from developing into costly catastrophic failures.




Riggtech repainting or painting for the first time is done in our purpose built 30m spraybooth under controlled conditions, not out in the open! There is no better way to get a quality durable painted finish on a mast or components without the influences of weather conditions.

Our first grade total recoating system has been developed through testing and research to be tough enough to last over a decade. We understand that not everyone wants or needs the best so we're happy to accommodate your requirements too.