An Overview About Boat Rigging Systems

05 November 2020

Boat rigging systems are primarily comprised of components that can effectively support the masts of a sailing ship or a sailboat and modify the position of the vessel’s sails and spars. These systems essentially ensure that the ship or the boat is already ready for proper use. Marine technicians who are onboard the ships or boats must know the basics of the boat rigging systems to make sure everything will […]

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Sail World – Riggtech Build it, Rig it, Sail it

25 June 2020

It’s impossible to talk about Riggtech without first looking at its founder, Phill Bate. He’s a natural born rigger. As Phill, himself explains, ‘I’ve been at it since I was a kid. Dad and I built boats, rigged them and then sailed them. I was always sailing, but it was at this time that I got very interested in the rigging. It was a great grounding for understanding loads, how […]

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Inspect your Rig

The summer sailing season is here and if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to check your rig. Riggtech owner, Phill Bate, a former America’s Cup sailor explains how to check your standing rigging and what to look for.  Like any good load bearing structure, the rigging installation is only as good as the base it’s attached to. Chainplates are neglected when inspections are done because a false assumption […]

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