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1571 – 76 mm Classic Hexaratchet® Block — Port

$346.89 incl GST


Midrange Hexaratchet blocks grip loaded sheets, yet allow sailors to ease and trim quickly and with complete control. A switch on the side engages and disengages the ratchet mechanism.


SkuNameSheave Ø mm (in)Length mm (in)Weight g (oz)Shackle pin Ø mm (in)Maximum line Ø mm (in)Maximum working load kg (lb)Breaking load kg (lb)Turns
157176 mm Classic Hexaratchet® Block — Port76 (3)156 (6 1/8)397 (14)8 (5/16)14 (9/16)816 (1800)2268 (5000)counterclockwise

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Weight .397 kg