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Mast Climber

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Create easier access to the higher areas of your mast by installing the folding Riggtech Mast Climbers. The design is contoured and smooth to achieve minimum windage and reduce the incidence of snagging halyards or sails. The mast climber is manufactured from 2 very strong die cast alloy components, which are predrilled and ready for mounting. A special feature is an adjustable device to stop that annoying rattle when motoring and/or sailing.


How Many mast climbers do you need?

One vertical stride measures between 400mm and 500mm depending on how tall you are. Take into account the use of other items on the mast, such as winches and spreaders as footholds. No mast climbers are needed higher than about 1.5m from the top of the mast, where two mast climbers should be mounted opposite each other for a comfortable position.

Mounted by cutting thread into the mast material and fastening with 4 x 3/16 x 3/4 (5mm x 20mm) countersunk metal thread screws. Anti-corrosive metal joining compound should be used on fastenings. (Tefgel, which you’ll find on our online shop too)

A number of contours are available to suit your mast section. For best results you should provide us with a template of the side of your mast to get that perfect fit.

Available in natural alloy or powder coated for a very tough and durable finish. Specific colours are available on request.

  • Climb your Mast
  • Folds away
  • Non-Rattling
  • Do it yourself or get a professional fitting

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Weight .304 kg