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ProTecta Precision Oiler 15ml

$10.00 incl GST


ProTecta Lubricant is a specially formulated product, where the majority of lubricant applied will actually bond onto the metal. ProTecta is engineered to dry thus minimizing the dust that sticks with the lubricant. Unlike competitive products that leave a heavy wet surface, ProTecta dries leaving a light but strong film. ProTecta is compatible with plastic, whereas most other lubricants are not. Because of its unique drying agents it allows superior protection for chains such as on dirt bikes, equipment chains, etc. It can be used anywhere you need lubrication. And its ability to take pressure allows for use on trailer hitches and other similar applications. Its uses are endless, and with its superior cleaning it will even cut through the toughest oil residue and grease.

ProTecta Precision Oiler is a concentrated synthetic formulation packaged in a one half ounce bottle with a needle for exact application with no mess. Excellent for use in and around the house and shop. One bottle provides 1300 drops of outstanding lubrication. Works where all other lubricants fail.


  • One drop will withstand up to 80,000 lbs of pressure so squeaks will not return
  • Synthetic formula protects from -60 to over 1000 degrees F.
  • Handy dispenser allows precision of one drop at a time for no mess
  • Outstanding lubricant out performs all other household oils
  • Frees sticky mechanisms
  • Handy dispenser allows precision one drop at a time
  • Very long lasting
  • Use ProTecta Lubricating Oil for Everything! Locks, tools, firearms, fishing reels, latches, drawers, castors, slides, clocks, hinges, doors, windows, hobbies and crafts, and anything that needs lubrication!

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