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ProTecta Spray Lube – 300g

$23.00 incl GST


Industrial grade lubricant that you can use in the house, garage and shop. In laboratory tests, ProTecta with its extreme pressure additives withstands 5 times the lubricating pressure of the leading brands to eliminate squeaks and lubricate longer. ProTecta’s advanced formula provides a superior lubricating film that continues to provide protection when the oil dries. It adheres to metal better than other spray lubricants, and it cleans most surfaces and quickly penetrates and loosens frozen or rusted metal parts. Makes all other spray oils obsolete! Resists water and drives moisture from working surfaces. Evaporates leaving a protective, long lasting, non-sticky, dust-free film. 300g aerosol. Cleans Protects 5 Times Better Than The Leading Brand Displaces Water Dries leaving non-sticky protective film Long Lasting

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