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HOLMATRO Marine Equipment - available from RIGGTECH

CompactLightweight Quick Robust Elegantly designed Easy to use

Specialising in onboard hydraulic systems meeting the needs of modern or classic yacht sailors

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Boom Vangs Cylinders Mast Jacks Backstay Adjusters Control Panels Emergency Cutters

The bigger the yacht gets the higher the loads you face

Holmatro's range of high quality equipment helps you control these loads quickly and easily, and gain optimal performance from your yacht. The products are continually tested on two dedicated company sailing boats.

Whether you are into grand prix racing or blue water cruising, Holmatro Equipment delivers enhanced performance, appearance, convenience and safety.

Boom Vangs
Hydraulic boom vang system from Holmatro provides maximum control over your boom, both when sailing and at rest. It makes reefing and flaking of your mainsail easy as it acts as a topping lift. Variety of control panels is available for easy adjustment.

Holmatro hydraulic cylinders are ideal for any tensioning application, from backstays and forestays and outhauls and travellers. You can make quick and accurate rigging adjustments by adding a Holmatro control panel.

Mast Jacks

Holmatro hydraulic mast-jacks give you a choice of two different systems for pre-tensioning your rig.

mast jack systems are available in aluminium and painted steel. The popular aluminium jacks are supplied as a complete set with a hand pump, hoses, plug-in pressure gauge and a carrying case.

In-mast jacks are made from stainless steel and permanently mounted upside down in the mast. A complete set includes a tilting saddle, a hand pump with mounted pressure gauge, hoses and quick couplers.

Integral Adjusters
With a Holmatro hydraulic integral adjuster you can alter the backstay tension quickly and easily. By adjusting the backstay tension you boat can sail faster and point higher. Genoa furling becomes easier too.

Control Panels

To adjust boom vangs and hydraulic cylinders using one central pump, choose from one of the range of easy-to-use control panels, available as single or mullti-function and manual or push-button operation.

Various finish options;
Clear anodised aluminium as standard. Black anodised or other colour optional, or stainless steel or carbon.

Emergency Cutters

Holmatro emergency cutters are specially designed to cut rod and wire, co-developed with Holmatro's Rescue Equipment division to be effective even on the most advanced materials.

In a dangerous situation such as a broken mast, you can cut away the rigging quickly to prevent the boat from sinking.

Holmatro emergency cutters models are manually,  remotely or battery operated with integrated or separate hydraulic pumps. All types are quick and easy to use, even in the toughest conditions.
Contact us for technical and purchase details or regular maintenance & service