Clearing Boat Holding Tanks: ProPower Tank Treatment as The Main Solution

28 February 2024

Keep your boat holding tanks clear with ProPower Tank Treatment. Available at Riggtech, ensure efficient waste management on the water. Call (02) 9997 2382. Boats maximise different components to keep everything running. Boat holding tanks, for instance, are integrated into these marine vessels to help store sewage and grey water generated onboard. These tanks prevent waste from being discharged directly into the water, minimising pollution and protecting marine ecosystems. However, […]

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Rocna Stainless Steel Anchors from Riggtech Helps Ensure Safe and Sound Mooring

08 February 2024

Secure your maritime adventures with Rocna stainless steel anchors. Available at Riggtech, discover their strength and reliability. Call us at (02) 9997 2382. Different components must be present in marine vessels to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. Setting sail into the vastness of the sea, after all, can be unpredictable. To ensure the safety of your marine vessels, they must be equipped with anchors, particularly one made by Rocna. […]

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Ronstan Soft Shackles and How They Redefine Boat Rigging Connections

19 January 2024

Uncover the innovation behind Ronstan Soft Shackles for boat rigging. Available at Riggtech, know how they redefine connections. Call us at (02) 9997 2382. Sailing boats and other marine vessels require high-quality components to ensure they can traverse the waters without any issues. Many of their components can be produced by different companies. One of these companies is Ronstan, which has been in the industry of producing quality marine equipment […]

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Harken Marine Grip Tape Available at Riggtech: Navigate the Deck Safely

12 January 2024

Sail with confidence using Harken Marine Grip Tape. Available at Riggtech, explore how it enhances deck safety and performance on the water. Call 02 9997 2382. Setting sail on the open water is certainly a thrilling adventure for a lot of people. However, it demands precision, skill, and safety. Navigating the deck of a sailboat, whether racing or cruising, requires secure footing and reliable traction to handle the challenges due […]

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Harken Winch Grease: Maintain Winch Parts for Optimal Efficiency

06 December 2023

Invest in Harken winch grease to maintain the winch parts of your boat. Available at Riggtech, reach peak efficiency and longevity. Call (02) 9997 2382. Sailing enthusiasts and marine professionals understand that a reliable winch is a vital component of any boat. Winches are meant to handle ropes, lines, and sails, making them an essential component for sail adjustment and control. Primary Roles of Winches in Sailing Winches are mechanical […]

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