Basic Tips and Techniques in Setting the Anchor

26 February 2021

One of the most critical parts of a yacht that must be working at all times is the anchor and anchor system. An anchor is a device that is designed to restrict a yacht from moving in the water and retain its position even under heavy conditions. Without the anchor, the yacht may be swept away by heavy water movements, strong winds and slammed into structures or other yachts. Even […]

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What are the Benefits of Composite Rigging?

15 February 2021

To keep the sail stretched for the maximum wind capacity, sailing yachts rely heavily on their rigging composition. Most commonly, standard rigging is comprised of fixed lines, wires, or rods that stabilise and support the mast, bowsprit and sails against heavy wind loads.Innovation and technological advancements in the yachting industry have lead to the development of composite standard rigging. Composite or synthetic fibre rigging can be made from carbon fibre, […]

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Different Types of Sailing Yachts and Their Rigging Arrangements

30 January 2021

Factors that set yachts apart from one another, is its design / set up of the mast, sails, hull and standing rigging. Rigging is vital in dictating and determining a yachts overall performance. It particularly affects the yacht’s overall sailing ability, including its acceleration, aerodynamics, heel, keel weight, pitch, and manoeuvrability in varying conditions. Knowledge of the different types of yachts is important to consider when choosing the right design […]

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Understanding, Maintaining and Improving Furling Systems

15 January 2021

With the continuous developments of systems and technology today, sailing activities have become much easier and efficient. One system that sailors take advantage of today is the roller furling systems. Roller furling is an efficient, easy and convenient way to deploy or store sails on a yacht, it is also recognised to be one of the most important systems on modern sailboats. It most commonly utilises aluminium tubing (sections/extrusions) around […]

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10 Important Tips for a Smooth Sailing Experience

18 December 2020

Whether you’re heading out for a race, overnighter or extended trip, it is extremely important you are prepared and organised for the planned trip, failing to do so, can be dangerous and irresponsible. To help our fellow sailors Riggtech has put together a list of things to do and check before setting out for a smooth and precise sail, regardless of the conditions you face. Use a Pre-Departure Check-List One […]

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