We Supply, Install and Service Hydraulics.

Riggtech has been supplying, installing and servicing hydraulic components on yachts for over 30 years. We’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with hydraulics, whether it be broken seals, incorrect gas or oil pressure or incorrect sizing according to supplier specification and we haven’t come across anything we can’t fix. We offer design services when required, by providing specifications as well as supplying and installing your complete hydraulic system.

Our thoroughly trained and expert technicians perform maintenance work on:

  • Steering Systems
  • Vang Systems
  • Backstay Rams
  • Hydraulic Mast Jacks
  • Headsail and Boom Furler Systems
  • Windlasses
  • Winches
  • Line Management Systems
  • Davit Controls
  • Cranes
  • Custom Installation
  • Hydraulic line replacement / installation

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