Custom Fabrication

Functional & Elegant Designs

Custom Fabrication – Riggtech has an extensive knowledge, experience and capacity to provide solutions to any question or problem you may have about yachting. Our large machine shop combined with quality tradesmen and materials allows us to produce high quality, precise and reliable yachting solutions.

Custom Yachting Fabrication examples:

  • Straightening or fabricating new stanchions, push-pits, pull-pits and other rails
  • Bow Fittings / Bow Sprits
  • Rubbing strips
  • Winch bases for mast or deck application
  • Mast and boom sheave boxes
  • Durable and Strong Sheaves
  • Chainplates
  • Gooseneck and Vang Fittings
  • Custom Pins and Bolts
  • All Mast Brackets
  • Mast Climbers
  • Light Guards / All Electrical Equipment, Brackets and Wire
  • Spreaders
  • Spreader Bases
  • Mast Bases
  • Mast Deck Collars
  • Mast Heads
  • Forestay / Staysail Take off Points
  • Modifying existing fittings
One of our newest pieces of machinery is a CNC Machine! Enquire to find out more!

View the Yachting Fabrication Gallery for examples!

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