Spar Building, Servicing & Painting

Superior Facilities

Spar Building, Servicing & Painting – Riggtech has the unique capacity to fabricate, supply and install a completely new mast in house, in our double factory complex in Mona Vale. The factory is home to a large fabrication / machining shop where masts, booms and spreaders can be manufactured, fitted out and serviced. The factory also has a retractable spray booth capable of facilitating masts up to 35m long. We have the in-depth experience, knowledge and resources to fabricate all fittings to be installed on a new mast and boom including.

  • Spreaders / spreader bases.
  • Gooseneck and vang fittings.
  • Exit slots for ropes or wire and electrical wires.
  • Sheaves and sheave boxes.
  • All instruments and electrical installation.
  • Mounting brackets for radars and radar reflectors.
  • Mousing in ropes & electrical wires.
  • Mast heads.
  • Mast bases.
  • Deck collars.
  • Protective conduits for electrical cabling.
  • and so much more.

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Mast Refurbishment

Mast refurbishment is another common process carried out by Riggtech to the highest standard. Our process involves removing every fitting from the mast, stripping all the paint off and starting all over again with a high quality and durable painting process. We apply anti-corrosive pastes to every fitting to ensure longevity and durability, because too often we see the detrimental consequences corrosion has on yachts, as result of being exposed to hash salty environments. Oiling sheaves and greasing bearings is an added measure we take to ensure smooth and safe sailing no matter the conditions you face.

We take a great deal of care to ensure the mast and yacht are not damaged in the process of removing and refitting masts - using padding and tie downs to secure and protect fittings from coming into contact with one another, so the mast comes back looking brand new, exceeding owners expectations.