<h1>Yacht Rigging Specialists</h1><p>Got a mast or rigging probem? We will fix it!</p><p><a href='https://riggtech.com.au/contact'>CONTACT US</a></p> <h1>Custom Balustrading & Pool Fencing</h1><p>Keep your family safe and your friends impressed!</p><p><a href='https://riggtech.com.au/contact'>CONTACT US</a></p> <h1>Architectural Rigging and Shading </h1><p>Shading and Structural Beauty</p><p><a href='https://riggtech.com.au/contact'>CONTACT US</a></p>

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Riggtech is a quality supplier, fabricator and fitter of marine and architectural rigging systems including; custom spars, painting, rigging, rope technologies, yacht fittings, shading and balustrading. No matter the size of the boat, or job, our skill and expertise ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Most recently Riggtech has also taken over ownership of the Bosun’s Locker Newport, which is now called the ‘Riggtech Bosun’s Locker Newport’!

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