Standing Rigging / Rig Inspections

Riggtech “Get Your Rig Checked”

The Standing Rigging on a yacht refers to any component that is involved in keeping a mast in a standing position. Maintaining high standards when it comes to standing rigging is critical to the well-being of your yacht. All wire and rod should be checked periodically for loose strands and breaks along the entire length with specific attention to the end fittings. Attention should also be directed to any location where it meets other rigging. Each fitting should be inspected for wear and the assemblage should be replaced if there is a significant amount of damage, stress cracking, or if the fitting hole has become disfigured in some way.

We recommend an annual standing rigging inspection as the standing rigging is under constant load and stress in a highly corrosive environment.

We have boxes full of standing rigging failures we have discovered in our routine rigging inspections, come into our office to see for yourself!

Standing rigging is put to a test every day by just being on the water. Our objective is to make sure you can leave the dock with peace of mind knowing that your boat’s rig is ready to go. Rig re-fits, inspections, and rigging replacement is how we can help you and your crew stay safe.

Riggtech ensures that all standing rigging components are changed from top pin to bottom pin when replacing the standing rigging. This ensures there is no weak link and you can sail with peace of mind and confidence. We go a step further than most competitors and remove the chainplates in order to change every standing rigging component.

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Rigging Inspections:

Having your yacht’s rigging routinely inspected not only makes good sense but is likely required for insurance purposes. A professional inspection by Riggtech can reveal problematic issues before they become critical. Inspections keep your mast and other spars intact, upright, sturdy and allow you to stay ahead in the maintenance process. Riggtech carry out full visual inspection of the mast, boom, and associated hardware. We provide recommendations detailing any problems and a description of the work necessary to correct any issues.