Enhance Your Yachting Materials with Ronstan Products

25 February 2022

Yachts are exposed to various weather and sea elements, which is why they are recommended to be built out of specialised materials.

Two materials that are being maximised to produce quality yachts are stainless steel and fibreglass. Stainless steel can be beneficial for yachts as it is resistant to corrosion, heat, and impact, hygienic, strong, durable, sustainable, and cost-effective. Many fittings used in creating yachts are made from stainless steel. Fibreglass also boasts most of the characteristics of stainless steel, with the former boasting better strength to weight ratio and more dependable impact resistance.

These materials can already stand on their own. But to make them more long-lasting, they are recommended to be polished with Ronstan products.

An Overview of Ronstan

Ronstan is an Australian company that has been producing quality marine equipment and hardware for more than 60 years. Today, the company has produced and offers over 200 effective products to optimally aid in various types of sailing.

What makes Ronstan successful is they have captured both sailboat hardware and architectural rigging markets, enabling the company to take care of their end-to-end design, manufacture, and distribution operation without any issues. Through the help of their state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities, the company has continuously crafted and innovated high-end products that they would later manufacture, store, distribute to local retailers, and export to various parts of the world.

The offerings of the company do not only cater to those who sail for leisure, but they have also become prominent to professional sailors. Even at competitive sailing, the products Ronstan offers can truly ensure that their yachts and other marine vessels will remain operational and long-lasting.

Ronstan Polishing Tools

Now, if you want to ensure that your yachting materials will be protected from elements, you may want to consider the offerings from Ronstan. There are three products that you can maximise to make your yachting materials intact for a long time. These products are as follows:

  1. Ronstan Gelcoat Polish (RF2632)– This specific offering from Ronstan is intended to restore chalked and deteriorated surfaces of your yacht, especially those made from stainless steel and fibreglass. It can also be used when prepping fibreglass surfaces and detailing fibreglass moulds. The Ronstan Gelcoat Polish is crafted from a waxless silicone-free formula and liquid formulation.
  2. Ronstan Superfine Polish (RF3001) – The Ronstan Superfine Polish, alternatively, is a product used to enhance and protect surfaces that have not been deteriorated. Aside from fibreglass and stainless steel surfaces, this product can also be maximised in enamel surfaces. The Ronstan Superfine Polish can be applied effectively as it features a no-run past formulation. It likewise boasts waxes to promote high lustre and colour depth and silicone to ensure a long-lasting shine.
  3. Ronstan Extra Cut Polish (RF3002)– Lastly, the Ronstan Extra Cut Polish intends to restore weathered or rough surfaces made from fibreglass, stainless steel, and enamel. Somehow similar to Ronstan Superfine Polish, this product also features waxes and silicone to ensure high lustre, colour depth, and long-lasting shine. It also has abrasives to remove marks and scuffs.

To purchase these products, you can contact us at Riggtech or head straight to our online store on our website.

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