Protect Your Boat’s Metal and Fibreglass Surfaces with Autosol Marine Shine

10 January 2022

Boats and other marine vessels are normally made from materials that are known to withstand elements like UV rays and salt water. They are likewise crafted from materials that can last for a long time due to their resistance to corrosion, dents, and other physical forces.

Two materials that are often utilised in creating boat components are metal and fibreglass. However, the majority of them use marine grade metals, so they are durable and reliable. Some of these metals include aluminium, bronze, stainless steel and brass.

An Overview of Autosol Marine Shine

One great way to maintain the metal and fibreglass surfaces of your boat is to utilise Autosol Marine Shine. Autosol Marine Shine is a Germany-made polishing product that is intended to clean, polish, and protect metal and fibreglass surfaces of boats. It utilises a mild abrasive rubbing agent that can easily restore the beloved shine of weathered and corroded surfaces, remove stains, rust, salt deposits, and delay future corrosion and tarnishing.

What makes Autosol Marine Shine great for boat owners is that it does not only remove impurities and eradicate all previously stated issues, but it can also leave a protective layer on boat surfaces. It can even provide a beautiful shine on the said surfaces, improving the appeal of boats effectively.

Boat Care with Autosol Marine Shine

Before utilising Autosol Marine Shine, the first thing that you must do is to soak a cloth or sponge with warm water and mild detergent and use it to wipe off the dirt from boat surfaces. You can also rinse off other parts of your boat with clean water and dry them with chamois. Once the surfaces are dry, you can now apply Autosol Marine Shine to a cloth or polishing sponge. The cloth or polishing sponge can then be applied directly to the surfaces so they can effectively gain the benefits of the polishing product. Then wipe any excess off with a clean cloth or rag, this process can be repeated a number of times until you as satisfied with the desired finish. Autosol Marine Shine is perfect for achieving a mirror finish on the stainless steel surfaces of stanchions, bow fittings, pushpins and pulpits and so much more.

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