Understand the Qualities of Filler Products from International®

23 November 2021

A great manufacturer that can offer excellent filler products to boat owners like you is International®. This specific manufacturer has been renowned for its high-performance boat paint, yacht coatings, and marine protection products. Two filler products from International® that can help you are Epifill and Epiglue.They can mostly be utilised as concrete, wood, plastic, and GRP fillers. Many of these products can be used in a lot of boat building and repair applications, including coating surfaces, wetting out fibreglass, gap filling, adhesive bonding, laminating, fairing, filling small holes, and filleting.

International® Epifill

Epifill from International® is a type of general-purpose filler product that can be drilled, tapped, and utilised under compressive loads. The properties of Epifill allow it to be used both above and below the waterline, making it great long-lasting and dependable. Epifill is a two-part filler with a mixing ratio of 2:1 that cues white in colour. Some parts of your boat that can be applied with Epifill includethe hull, bilge/lockers, exterior cabin/trims, and interior cabin/trims. It can be sanded and faired easily to produce a smooth and even surface, an ideal application example is using it to fill and fair the keel of a yacht.

Several materials or substrates can be effectively applied with Epifill. Some of them are aluminium, steel, carbon, fibre, lead, steel, and timber, although it is not recommended to be used on aluminium propellers.

International® Epiglue

Epiglue is another product from International® that is predominantly used as a glue, (ie. Gluing 2 objects or surfaces together), but it can also be used as a filler. The applications of Epiglue are all possible since its primary composition makes it a thixotropic adhesive, which prevents it from sagging. Like Epifill, Epiglue ca be used in areas above and below the waterline of your yacht.The various areas of your yacht includinghulls, bilge/lockers, exterior cabin/trims, and interior cabin/trims.Epiglue is also a two-part kit with a mixing ratio of 2:1 (Resin:Hardener). The main differences between the two products are the cue colour, Epiglue being colourless and Epifill being white and the adhesive properties featured in the Epiglue.

Just like Epifill, Epiglue can also be on aluminium, steel, carbon, fibre, lead, steel, and timber substrates. It is important to note that Epifill and Epiglue can be both used in seawater and freshwater.

Buy Filler Products from Riggtech

Using these products to maintain your yacht willensure that your boat will always be in great condition. To purchase these products or other International products, you can call or email us at Riggtech Bosun’s Locker (9997 2382 or bosunslocker@riggtech.com.au).

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