Understanding the Main Features of Ronstan Cam Cleats

09 November 2021

A cam cleat is a fitting used to hold lines at a specific point or tension whenever necessary. This specific type of cleat works by holding the line or rope between fluted fixed pieces. Most of the time, cam cleats are installed on the edges of the boat, on the mast and boom or even mounted on blocks or swivelling deck fittings. The placement of these accessories must be done strategically to keep your yacht safe,as well as efficient and easy to manage/operate.

To ensure that your cam cleats will work effectively, they must be made by a reliable manufacturer. Otherwise, they could cause damages not only to your boat, but also to the nearby vessels and the dock itself. One manufacturer thatisknown for producing high quality cam cleats, which we stock and use all the time is Ronstan.

A Quick Introduction to Ronstan

Ronstan has been developing yachting hardware since its foundation in 1953 and has continuously dominated both the sailboat hardware and the architectural rigging markets. What is great about Ronstan is that it continuously grows over time, boasting end-to-end design, manufacture, and distribution operations thanks to its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities. The company even features advanced warehousing and global distribution systems to keep everything afloat.

With decades of experience in the previously mentioned markets, Ronstan has established a strong reputation with clients all over the world.

First-class Ronstan Cam Cleats

Given their experience in the field, Ronstan has come up with cam cleats that are desired and utilised by many boat owners. Two popular lines of cam cleats that they manufacture are C-Cleat™ and T-Cleat™.

C-Cleat™ is a lightweight carbon fibre cam cleat that is designed to deliver excellent strength and holding power. It is also resistant to heat, abrasion, and corrosion. And for its operations, its unique self-cleaning self-lubricating PTFE impregnated Acetal slotted bearings make sure that it will perform optimally despite being subjected to high static loads and salty, corrosive environments. The line entry and release effort of this specific cam cleat is even minimised thanks to its cam profile and stainless steel multi-coil spring. All these features make the C-Cleat™ great for control lines of various applications.

T-Cleat™, alternatively, is a lightweight fibre reinforced cam cleat that provides great cost-savings to a lot of cleaning applications. This specific cam cleat has superior holding power thanks to its high strength. Similar to C-Cleat™, this specific cam cleat can also resist corrosion, ensuring that it can last for a very long time. It likewise boasts self-lubricating, self-cleaning PTFE impregnated Acetal slotted bearings and stainless steel multi-coil spring, making its line entry and release to be so much easier.

Buy Ronstan Cam Cleats Today

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