Basic Standing Rigging Terms Every Yacht Owner Should Know About Modern Mast and Rigging

08 July 2021

Sailing activities can offer tons of health benefits to sailboat owners like you. For one, they can effectively improve your cardiovascular health given the processes that need to be done when preparing and maneuvering the sailboat. Your muscle strength is likewise expected to increase since you will be pulling lines, hoisting, and trimming sails. Another great health benefit of sailing is that it can keep your bones and mental health […]

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Switching to Composite Standing Rigging: All the Benefits that You Should Expect

29 June 2021

Sailing boats are comprised of core components that allow them to work effectively. One of these components is the standing rigging. The standing rigging is often composed of fixed lines, wires, or rods that can all support the mast or bowsprit of the sailing vessel. The components of the standing rigging also help in reinforcing the spars against wind loads. The materials used for standing rigging components are typically durable […]

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The Importance of Accurate Length Measurement When Buying Halyards

27 May 2021

One core component of sailboats that can be useful for hoisting a sail, a flag, or pole is a halyard. Halyards can be made from natural fibre’s like hemp, manila or synthetic fibres such as Kevlar, polyester and dyneema. Some synthetic fibres like polyester are known for their resistance to ultraviolet radiation which make them an appropriate fibre for halyards due to their guaranteed longevity. Halyards are used to hoist […]

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Important Things to Remember when Carrying Out the Re-rigging Process

10 May 2021

The rigging of sailboats is generally comprised of stainless steel wire, rod, composite fibres or rope that can support their masts and adjust the position of their sails and spars. There are two classes of rigging that are utilised on sailboats. The first one is the standing rigging, which is intended to support the mast. Running rigging, alternatively, is designed to control the orientation and positioning of the sails. While […]

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Essential Anchoring Tips for Safe and Secure Anchorage

29 April 2021

One device that can be very useful for sailboats is the anchor. An anchor is a device that is being utilised in connecting the boat to a specific point at the bottom of a body of water. Through this device, the sailboat is prevented from drifting away due to strong wind or current. But anchors can only work if they are used and set properly. And so, to prevent your […]

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