Protect the Teak Decking of Your Boat with SEMCO Teak Sealer

29 September 2021

The decking of a yacht is commonly made from teak, a material that can support its primary functions. Teak has been preferred by many boat owners over synthetic materials due to its strength and durability. Teak decking is likewise installed in a lot of boats because of its associated non-skid surface, beautiful appearance, and hassle-free maintenance requirements.

If you currently own a boat with teak decking, then you already know its associated benefits. However, it must still be protected from harmful elements. One way to do this is to apply SEMCO Teak Sealer.

An Overview of SEMCO Teak Sealer

SEMCO is a company that caters to the teak sealer needs of boat owners, hotels, shopping centres, furniture deals, and others globally. For almost five decades, they have produced and supplied various teak products to customers and clients.

One of the products that the company proudly offers is the SEMCO Teak Sealer. It is a water-based teak sealer that can provide long-lasting protection to wood without generating a slippery surface. This specific sealer, when applied appropriately, can provide moisture and ultraviolet protection that can be very useful for teak products that are exposed to outdoor elements. SEMCO Teak Sealer also has a pigment that can give the surface a healthier and more appealing look.

SEMCO Teak Sealer comes in several shades. These shades include Honeytone, Goldtone, Natural, Classic Brown, and Clear Tone. This specific sealer is offered in quart/1L, and gallon/4Ltins.

SEMCO Teak Sealer Application

Before applying SEMCO Teak Sealer on your teak decking, you must ensure that it has been weathered for at least two weeks. It must likewise be washed with a highly capable soap and dried completely before applying this specific product.

The SEMCO Teak Sealer, before its application, must be stirred and mixed thoroughly. Once these steps are done, you may proceed in applying its content to the teak decking through a plastic spray bottle, brush, or cloth. You must, however, avoid applying the product in extreme heat or direct sunlight. After applying the first coat of this product to the deck surface, you must let it dry for an hour. The application of the second coat must then be done after the first coat has dried. After twenty minutes, you must now wipe off any excess teak sealer.

For best results, avoid using the newly sealed boat the next day so that the decking will be completely dry.

Purchase SEMCO Teak Sealer Now

To purchase SEMCO Teak Sealers for your boat or furniture, feel free to call us at Riggtech, swing by the shop at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or visit our online shop.

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