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Semco Teak Sealer 1L + 4L – All Tones!

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To apply SEMCO Teak Sealer the wood must be completely dry. Shake the can or stir the contents to thoroughly mix the SEMCO.  SEMCO Teak Sealer has a water-like consistency, appearing opaque in the can. Apply the SEMCO to the teak using a foam brush applicator allowing the wood to absorb as much as it wants. There are no brush strokes or lap marks to be concerned with. When the first coat is complete, a second coat can be applied immediately. Always apply both coats in the same day. Use a rag to wipe any excess from the wood after each coat. Two coats as an initial application should be sufficient in most cases, as more coats will mask the grain of the wood. The teak will be dry to the touch in an hour and ready for service the next day. Cool, cloudy or damp weather will slow the drying time. A plastic spray bottle eases application to furniture.

When SEMCO Teak Sealer is applied to the teak and it has had a week or two to weather, the wood will appear as if it has “nothing” on it, yet the teak will not turn grey or allow the growth of mildew. After cleaning and sealing with SEMCO the first time, an occasional cleaning with soap and water and a single fresh coat of Sealer applied seasonally will keep the teak looking great for years to come. If water dashed on the surface beads up, then the SEMCO is still working and does not need re-coating. Avoid applying SEMCO too often as the finish will build up and mask the grain of the wood. A harsh environment or higher usage may shorten the intervals of maintenance required .

SEMCO Teak Sealer is manufactured in several shades. The most popular choice for our furniture customers is Honeytone. This shade gives the wood the rich “honey” colour similar to the colour of the wood when it is new. SEMCO also offers several other shades that may be used to produce any desired look on the wood. SEMCO Goldtone will give the wood the “reddish brown” colour of new teak. SEMCO Natural, boater’s favourite shade, will give the wood the “sandy tan” colour of weathered teak. SEMCO Classic Brown will give the wood the “dark brown” colour of teak when wet. Any of the colours can be mixed to achieve an intermediate shade. SEMCO Clear Tone contains no pigment and is therefore not as resistant to the elements and requires more frequent re-coating.

While the SEMCO Teak Sealer is resistant to the weather and most stains, some oily or greasy food may stain the surface of the wood. The best method to clean these stains is dish soap or a spot clean with SEMCO Two Part Teak Cleaner for any stubborn spots.

SEMCO is now offering a new product that will aid in preserving the surface of the wood and provides a patina to the finished surface. SEMCO Clear Coat  will provide a more impervious surface improving stain and dirt resistance and impart a rich patina to the teak.  SEMCO Clear Coat can be applied over SEMCO Teak Sealer on table tops to help provide stain resistance. It will darken whatever shade the wood is slightly.

Teak is unmatched in its beauty and durability. With little care it will last many years, with a little SEMCO it will remain looking like new as well. SEMCO works in a similar fashion on other types of wood such as Iroko, Mahogany, Redwood, Ash, Jatoba, Ipe and Butternut. SEMCO Teak Products are used in many commercial applications such as outdoor restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, theme parks and some very special residences that have teak doors and trim details. SEMCO is also used by many manufacturers of boats, furniture and canoes.

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