Single Hole Halyard Stoppers Available at Riggtech: A Basic Guide on How to Use Them

27 June 2024

Single Hole Halyard Stoppers

Master the art of line control with single hole halyard stoppers available at Riggtech. Explore our selection and experience smoother sailing today!

When it comes to sailing, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and safety on the water. One such essential component is the single hole halyard stopper.

These small but mighty devices are designed to protect and prevent hard fittings coming in contact with one another, making them indispensable for any sailor. At Riggtech, we offer a range of high-quality single hole and double hole halyard stoppers to meet your sailing needs.

What are Single Hole Halyard Stoppers?

Single hole halyard stoppers, also known as parrel beads, are devices used to protect metal fittings from each other. They feature a single hole through the middle of a smoothly tapered durable plastic material. This simple yet effective design allows sailors to tension lines with peace of mind. Typically, they are installed to the spliced ends of halyards and prevent the shackle or snap shackle from being pulled up and into blocks or sheave boxes and damaging one another. Single hole halyard stoppers are most commonly used on spinnaker halyards, as they frequently feature a block at the masthead that the snap shackle can be pulled into accidentally. Double hole halyard stoppers work in the same way, but these are spliced into the loop/eye at the end of the line to prevent the stopper from being able to slide along the length of line. These are most commonly used on spinnaker sheets or braces.

Benefits of Single Hole Halyard Stoppers

•  Increased Longevity: By using Single hole halyard stoppers, sailors can significantly increase the longevity of snap shackles, blocks and other fittings. This saves money by protecting fittings from damage and drastically reduces the need to replace fittings, allowing for smoother and more efficient sailing operations. This prolongs the lifespan of your sailing equipment and ensures safer sailing experiences.

•  Durable Material: Our halyards stoppers are custom manufactured out of a durable plastic material called Wearlon. It is a strong and UV resistant material, making it last a long time.

Mastering the Art: How to Use Single Hole Halyard Stoppers

Using single hole stoppers is incredibly straightforward:

•  New Halyard Installation: Feed the halyard stopper large end first onto the loose end of the halyard before you feed the halyard into the mast. This would be on the mousing loop end of the halyard, feeding it along the halyard until it reaches the spliced end, pulling it up hard against the snap shackle. When determining the size halyard stopper, measure the largest diameter of the spliced end.

•  Old Halyard Installation: To install the halyard stopper to an old halyard, complete the same process as above but before you start your will need to mouse the halyard our of the mast first. This can be done by tying or taping a long thin string line to the un-spliced end of the halyard (end at the clutch or cleat) and pulling the spliced end out of the mast and down to the deck.

•  Double Hole Halyard Stopper Installation: This occurs while splicing a loop in the end of the halyard, sheet or brace. Feed the line through from the smaller end of the stopper, through the snap shackle then back through the stopper at the wider end and proceed to finish splicing the line.

Riggtech: Your Partner for Smooth Sailing

At Riggtech, we understand the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to sailing equipment. Our single hole halyard stoppers are crafted from durable materials to withstand the rigors of the sea. With a focus on performance and functionality, our stoppers are designed to enhance your sailing experience and provide peace of mind on the water.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or you’re just getting into sailing, single hole halyard stoppers are a must-have for your sailing toolkit. By choosing high-quality stoppers from Riggtech, you can ensure smoother sailing operations and greater control of the water. Invest in the best equipment for your sailing adventures and experience the difference that quality stoppers can make.

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