Uses and Applications of SEMCO Teak Sealer

15 September 2021

Teak hardwood is commonly used in yacht decking, furniture pieces, and exterior construction elements. It is used for its strength and durability characteristics, due to its high natural oil content and tight wood grain, making it perform well when exposed to weather conditions such as rain, salt water and the sun. Teak is extremely versatile, as it is relatively easy to work with and be left natural, painted, stained, waxed […]

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Understanding the Most Common yet Preventable Problems with Sails

24 August 2021

Owning a yacht can be a challenging, yetextremely rewarding experience.There is no better feeling than turning the engine off, setting the sails to navigate toremote and exotic destinations. Feeling the cool breeze in your hair, thewarm sun on your face and the sound of nothing but rolling waves. Before you can truly experience the luxury or trouble-free sailing, it is important to check the condition of the sails and all […]

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Three Tips on How to Locate Hidden Sailboat Mast Issues

12 August 2021

Whenever sailors go for a trip, they certainly conduct inspections to ensure that their sailboat components are in optimum condition. But despite their rigorous assessment, certain parts of their sailboat can still boast some issues that would potentially lead to complete failures. One of the worst scenarios that sailors might potentially face during their trip is having a broken mast. If your sailboat is already far offshore, then having a […]

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How to Enhance the Life and Performance of Your Mast and Rigging?

22 July 2021

Various improvements and advancements have been made to modern rig components. And for someone who owns a sailboat, you must truly spend a lot of time ensuring that your mast and rigging are maintained fully. Doing this, after all, can help you enhance their life and performance. Failure of a rig can be caused by numerous things. For one, some of its components may have been misaligned. Additionally, mast and […]

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Basic Standing Rigging Terms Every Yacht Owner Should Know About Modern Mast and Rigging

08 July 2021

Sailing activities can offer tons of health benefits to sailboat owners like you. For one, they can effectively improve your cardiovascular health given the processes that need to be done when preparing and maneuvering the sailboat. Your muscle strength is likewise expected to increase since you will be pulling lines, hoisting, and trimming sails. Another great health benefit of sailing is that it can keep your bones and mental health […]

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