Acquire Quick Emergency Response from Rescuers through rescueME PLB1

14 July 2022

Getting stuck in the middle of the sea or on the road due to a faulty ship or car can be troublesome. And if there is no one around, your situation can get worse as more time is lost.

Fortunately, devices have been manufactured to allow people to ask for help from nearby rescuers. One of these devices is the personal locator beacon or PLB. PLB is a personal electronic transmitting device that alerts potential rescuers to a situation that can be life-threatening. Whether it is in the air, on water, or in remote or isolated areas, this device can send out a signal for a minimum of 24 hours once activated.

Lots of PLB design variations have already been put out in the market today. But one specific PLB variation that can benefit you and others is the rescueME PLB1.

A Quick Overview of rescueME PLB1

RescueME PLB1 is a PLB device well-known for its very compact form factor. No matter where you are, this PLB can easily alert global emergency services of your troubles by just pressing its button. It can even be operated with a single hand, making it very useful during most challenging situations. And to ensure that it will not be activated inadvertently or recklessly, the activation button of this device is protected by a simple spring-loaded flap.

This PLB device is highly reliable since it only works with officially recognised global dedicated search and rescue satellite networks. Since the network is funded by governments all over the world, the service of this device does not require any subscription fee.

Activating rescueME PLB1 Properly

Before you get responses from rescuers, you must first activate the rescueME PLB1 properly.

To activate this device, you must pull the black antenna tab out completely so it can send out a transmission signal. Upon pulling the said component, you must lift the protective flap and press the ON key for one second. You must then release the key once the LED flashes green.

The green LED will continuously flash every five seconds while the GPS sets itself up. The same LED will subsequently flash green quickly three times once the GPS obtains a fix. The LED will then flash quickly five times whenever the PLB generates a 406MHz transmission. Note that the colour of the LED will flash green if the transmission has a GPS position and red if the transmission does not contain a location.

You can confirm that the 121.5MHz homing beacon is active if the LED flashes red every 2.5 seconds.

If you are in the water, you must bind the PLB to your body or the life raft and keep it out of the water. But if you are on the land, you must place the device flat on the ground whenever possible.

Notable Features of rescueME PLB1

This PLB is perfect for obtaining a quick emergency response from rescuers since it can transmit your position alongside your ID to a Rescue Coordination Centre through a satellite link. And even in water, you can depend on this device since it is waterproof for up to 15m. Upon purchase, this device has a battery life of up to 7 years. It can also operate 24/7, as long as it still has a battery.

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