Award-Winning Comfort Seats

14 February 2022

The award winning Comfort Seat is the ultimate portable seat that combines unsurpassed quality & comfort in a single innovative design.Comfort Seats are designed & made in Europe to the highest standards.

The flexible seat has a unique corrosion resistant internal frame & hinge, which you can set in 14 different positions. It is covered in marine grade fabric with a PVC, non-skid base to ensure waterproof stable seating. The Classic seat is available in different sizes the Mini, Basic, Regular, Extra, Lounge so there is a size to fit your needs & a wide variety of colours to match your requirements.

Whether you opt for using your Comfort seat on the fore-deck of your yacht at sea, a picnic in the park or a break at the beach…..this flexible sitting cushion guarantees that you can sit comfortably and supported – anywhere, anytime.

Main Features of Comfort Seats

  • Primary Composition: Comfort Seats are made from polyether foam, an integrated aluminium hinge mechanism, a corrosion-resistant internal frame, and waterproof, protective non-slip bottom. Comfort Seats also feature a carry handle on one side, making it extremely easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Colour Options: Comfort Seats come in many colours. Some of the colours that you can choose for the Comfort Seats are orange, dark red, burgundy, sand, dark sand, taupe, black, grey, aqua, navy, cobalt blue, and forest green.
  • Positioning: Another great feature of Comfort Seats is that they can be adjusted into 14 positions. The versatility of the Comfort Seats in terms of their placement and positioning allow youto feel comfortable without needing extra back support.
  • Resistant to Elements: Comfort Seats are made from materials that resist water and mould. This minimises harmful elements such as salt and water from penetrating and damaging the Comfort Seats internal mechanisms and allowing them to last many years.
  • Size Options: Comfort Seats may come in various sizes, ensuring that they can be suited to all settings and requirements. Some of the options available for Comfort Seats are mini, basic, regular, extra, and lounge.The Regular Comfort seats are the most common and feature dimensions; 100 x 48 x 8cm  – Weight approx 3kg.

Invest in Comfort Seats Today

To purchase Comfort Seats head straight to our online shop or for more information you can contact us at Riggtech Bosun’s Locker.

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