Essential Anchoring Tips for Safe and Secure Anchorage

29 April 2021

One device that can be very useful for sailboats is the anchor. An anchor is a device that is being utilised in connecting the boat to a specific point at the bottom of a body of water. Through this device, the sailboat is prevented from drifting away due to strong wind or current. But anchors can only work if they are used and set properly. And so, to prevent your […]

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Top 4 Qualities to Remember when Buying Yachting Ropes

14 April 2021

One of the most important elements that are utilised in boats is the ropes. Yachting ropes are intended for anchoring, sailing, towing, and docking the boat. Without these ropes, it would be impossible for the boat to function optimally since the basic features would be compromised including the hoisting and control of a yachts sails. Given the condition surrounding boats, the yachting ropes must be able to withstand a variety […]

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Basic Sailing Techniques for Beginners

29 March 2021

Sailing is an activity that can be truly fun for many different reasons. Whether it be a relaxing leisurely activity, a high competitive sport or a lifestyle, millions of people enjoy around the world. For beginners, it is important to know the basics of sailing, particularly the technical aspects and terminology involved with the activity. Knowing how to sail is one thing but ensuring the safety of everyone on and […]

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Recommendations on How to Keep Birds Off Your Boat

15 March 2021

Keeping birds off your yacht is a very common problem boat owners have.The way yachts are designed,they make for perfect floating nest opportunities or perfect places to perch, free from any predators found on the surrounding land. The masthead, spreaders, lifelines and boom are the perfect perching platform. The masthead, inside of the boom or on the deck of the yacht is often a perfect place to make a nest. […]

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Basic Tips and Techniques in Setting the Anchor

26 February 2021

One of the most critical parts of a yacht that must be working at all times is the anchor and anchor system. An anchor is a device that is designed to restrict a yacht from moving in the water and retain its position even under heavy conditions. Without the anchor, the yacht may be swept away by heavy water movements, strong winds and slammed into structures or other yachts. Even […]

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