Essential Anchoring Tips for Safe and Secure Anchorage

29 April 2021

One device that can be very useful for sailboats is the anchor. An anchor is a device that is being utilised in connecting the boat to a specific point at the bottom of a body of water. Through this device, the sailboat is prevented from drifting away due to strong wind or current.

But anchors can only work if they are used and set properly. And so, to prevent your boat from drifting away, here are some essential anchoring tips that you should apply.

Choose the Right Anchor Cables

Before finding the right place to anchor your boat, you must first choose the right anchor cables. Anchor cables can be either chain or rope. Anchor cables that are made from chain are known to be strong and will not chafe on rocks at the bottom of the ocean. However, they can also be difficult to pull. Anchor cables that are fully made from rope, on the other hand, can be easier to manage as they are lighter than chains. Rope cables, unfortunately, are less secure and susceptible to chafing.

Luckily, opting for anchor cables that are a part chain, and a part rope is possible, granting you cables that can be both durable and workable.

Consider the Weather Condition

Weather condition can hugely affect the scope or amount of cable that must be used during the anchoring process. If the weather condition is calm, then the absolute minimum scope for your chain must be 3:1, while your rope must be 5:1. As for light to moderate weather conditions, your chain must be 5:1, while your rope must be 8:1. If the weather conditions are getting worse, then the ratio for your chain and rope must be 8:1 and 10:1, respectively.

Find the Most Suitable Location

When finding the best location for anchoring, you must first search for any recommended anchorages near your boat’s location. Most of the time, these anchorages are marked with anchor symbols on charts. You can likewise check the chart if the ground can be utilised for anchoring. Another tip when trying to find the most suitable location for anchoring is to look for a place that is effectively sheltered from strong wind and waves. You can do this by ensuring that the wind directions of the place are not abundant. The place must also be free from any strong tidal streams.

Prepare and Put Down the Anchor

Part of the preparation for your anchoring is to check if the nearby boats are either anchored or moored. Subsequently, you must check if the depth of chosen anchorage is appropriate. If all elements dictate that the place is good for anchoring, then you must stop the boat at the preferred location and lower the anchor to the seabed. Once attached, you must reverse the boat slowly away so that the cable will be laid out effectively. Make sure that the chain is tight and that the anchor holds stably.

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