Keep Your Boat Tidy with AquaViro Cleaning Products

25 October 2021

Boat owners like you want to ensure that your beloved boats will be cleaned and maintained optimally. After all, cleaning them after a day on the water can bring tons of benefits.

One of the benefits of cleaning your boat is that it can keep your water vessel intact. Failure to clean and maintain your boat will only result in the deterioration of its parts, especially those that are exposed to UV light and saltwater elements. Not only do AquaViro products leave your yacht or vehicle sparklingly clean, but they are also completely biodegradable, they don’t contain harmful acids and chemicals that feature in many competitors’ products.

Many cleaning products are available that can be helpful for your boat. But for best results, you may want to opt for cleaning products from AquaViro™. Some of their offerings are as follows:

AquaViro™ Professional Boat & Vehicle Wash

AquaViro™’s very own Professional Boat & Vehicle Wash can remove all elements that can damage the surfaces of boats and vehicles. It is a type of professional-grade liquid marine shampoo that possesses an oxide removal formulation, which can remove harmful oxides. It can also grant the surfaces a brightening effect, preserving the appeal of boats and vehicles despite being exposed to various outdoor conditions. This specific product can be used on gel coat and metal surfaces. For best results apply AquaViro™ to the surface of your yacht or vehicle, scrub with a sponge or soft brush, let it sit for a short period of time and simply wash it straight off.

AquaViro™ Boat Hull Cleaner

Boat Hull Cleaner is another extremely useful product from AquaViro™. It is a strong liquid compound that is comprised of organic salt, which is known for removing grime, oil, rust, scale, salt, yellowing, coral, and barnacle bases from hulls, propellers, and shafts. Despite its strong composition, it remains safe for you and the environment as it does not release fumes and corrosive elements. AquaViro™ Boat Hull Cleaner can be used on fibreglass, gel coat, and metal surfaces.

AquaViro™ Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

A strong and effective multipurpose cleaner, the Surface Cleaner & Degreaser from AquaViro™ can be effective in tidying up engines and bilges. This product can de-grease, de-fat, and de-carbonise the surfaces of your boat components without releasing strong odours or fumes as it does not contain any solvents. Even at numerous uses, it can remain food safe. Aside from boats, this specific product can also be used on mining vehicles, attachments, aircraft, trucks, and coaches.

AquaViro™E-Treat Concentrate

AquaViro™ E-Treat Concentrate Portable Toilet Treatment is a concentrated sewerage holding treatment that works in salt or fresh water, has very pleasant fragrance (Citrus/Apple)that destroys odours. E-Treat Concentrate is biodegradable, extremely cost effective and formaldehyde free.The concentrate works exceptionally well in conjunction with Ecosoft 548 Toilet Rolls.AquaViro™ E-Treat is highly concentrated, so only small quantities are needed to be added to the sewage system and varying amounts are applied for different results and situations.

AquaViro™ Professional Clears & Glass Cleaner

One more product from AquaViro™ that you can is the Professional Clears & Glass Cleaner. This cleaning product can be effective in removing tough salt spray on surfaces that tend to boast streaks easily. It can even be utilised on hard-to-reach areas that are already soiled or salt-caked. When using this product, the glass surfaces of your boat are expected to be sparkly clean and free from annoying streaks. This product features a highly concentrated formula at high dilution rates for economical use.

To find out more about these products, you can call us at Riggtech. Keep an eye out, AquaViro™products will be sold on our online shop soon!

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