Regulate Your Watermaker’s Operations by Installing Rainman Watermaker Control Panel

31 January 2022

One resource that boat owners, travellers, and passengers can easily overlook when planning an extended trip is water. Even though your yacht is surrounded by water during travel, not all of it can be consumed directly. Most of the time, the bodies of water sailors travel in will be saltwater, which obviously isn’t very tasty.

Fortunately, companies like Rainman have designed machines that can process saltwater into freshwater making it safe for consumption. Rainman is an Australian owned and made in their factory complex in Brookvale, Sydney,NSW.

An Overview of Rainman Watermaker

Rainman has designed a number of watermakers to suit all needs or requirements, including naked or portable options, three levels of output and power types: AC Electric, Petrol and 12VDC. With a Rainman Watermaker installed on your yacht, you’ll never have to worry about running out of water and you’ll never pay to refill your freshwater tank again.

Now, to ensure that your selected machine operates at an optimal level it is highly recommended owners opt for the Rainman WatermakerControl Panel and Auto Flush. The control panel provides you and others with a highly presentable and functional interface that is extremely easy to use. It can likewise provide simpler access to vital controls and indicators such as the power switch, salinity sensor, and prefilter pressure gauge.

The auto flush looks after the system for you, asis programmed to flush the system periodically,which minimised manual maintenance drastically. Rainman watermakers are a very robust piece of equipment but caring for certain aspects will prolong the useable life.If seawater is left for too long in your watermaker, planktonic organisms will die and rot. This can eventually damage the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes in your watermaker.

Rainman Watermaker’s Main Benefits

The portableRainman Watermakercan be very appealing in some cases as it makes them convenient to be carried and transferred anywhere. You can even disengage them from your yacht after using them and place them back into your car. If you want to permanently install one on your yacht, then you have the option to do so.

One more benefit of Rainman Watermakerproducts is their affordability, they are one of the cheapest watermakers on the market. Additionally, they do not require high maintenance costs, which can help save a lot of money.

Purchase Rainman Watermaker Today

To purchase quality Rainman products today, you can call us at Riggtech or head straight to our online shop to purchase one or to find out more information. You can purchase straight from the online shop or enquire with any questions you may have.

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