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Donaghy’s SuperSpeed (Polyester Jacket + Dyneema Core) – 12mm x 200m Reel

$2,539.95 incl GST

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Donaghy’s SuperSpeed (Polyester Jacket + Dyneema Core) – 12mm x 200m Reel:

  • Only Available in Black/White Mottle.
  • SuperSpeed rope is economical yarn made of a polyester jacket and spectra/dyneema core.
  • It offers exceptional strength with light weight and low stretch characteristics.
  • Easily spliced.
  • Suitable for halyards, sheets, guys, control lines, out/downhauls, runner tails, vang, reef and furling systems.

SuperSpeed is Donaghy’s new and improved Spectra Speed, designed to provide the optimum performance for the competitive sailor. Manufactured to minimise stretch.


  • Minimal stretch, slippage and creep.
  • Easy splice 12 plait UHMwPE core.
  • High strength with minimal stretch and weight.
  • Suited to Sheets, Halyards, Guys, Runners & Down hauls.
  • Available in Per Metre Lengths

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 50 cm