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Harken Marine Grip Tape – 2″x12″, 10 Pieces (All Colours)

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Harken Marine Grip Tape is a thin, reliable, nonabrasive grip tape that is more effective than adhesive alternatives, waxes and other products that reduces slipping. It also stands up to extreme marine conditions on boats, docks and stairs. The superior grip is simple to install, clean and apply, and is cost-effective. And because it’s nonabrasive, it won’t damage clothing, wetsuits or skin. Harken Marine Grip is nonabsorbent, UV stable and good for all temperatures. When compared, Harken Marine Grip outgrips other adhesive alternatives and waxes.
On the boat or on the dock. You’ll like Harken Marine Grip for what it does. You’ll like it even more for what it doesn’t do. This product does what a lot of competitive products claim to do—keep you from slipping. Testing proves Marine Grip does this at least 40% more effective than competitive products or wax. But please note, it doesn’t do everything. It doesn’t rip up your hands and knees, your swimsuit or your foul weather gear. It doesn’t hold onto dirt, change colour or get slippery after exposure to UVs and sea. Plus, it doesn’t take all day to remove it.
Please note: Marine Grip is not a suitable multi-year alternative for a proper nonskid yacht surface finish of molded relief in gelcoat or paint with traction additive or particles.
Recommended uses:

  • Enhance non-slip surfaces.
  • Ladder treads, swim platforms, cockpit soles, smooth hatches, showers, pool steps, surf boards, dinghy seats and floors.
  • Replace worn grip tape.
  • Traffic areas where Marine Grip can be easily and periodically replaced.


  • Care should be taken when applying in large panels where air and contaminants can be introduced.
  • Marine Grip may not be a suitable replacement of an entire deck nonskid surface. Traditional anti-slip/nonskid gelcoat pattern or painted surface will have greater longevity.
  • Large panel expansion may lead to wrinkles or folds of film due to ambient temperature variances.
  • Marine Grip will require periodic replacement depending on traffic and use.
Length (mm) 305 mm
Length (in) 12 in
Width (mm) 51 mm
Width (in) 2 in

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 8 cm

Black, Grey, Translucent / White