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Pre-Made Nylon Docklines with 1 x Spliced Loop

$22.95$209.95 incl GST


Pre-Made Nylon Docklines with 1 x Spliced Loop – Black:

  • Quality solid BLACK braided nylon rope with a 300mm eye spliced in one end.
  • Made up ready to use – no splicing or braiding required. Great elasticity and abrasion resistance.
  • Supplied complete with a handy rope storage hanger.
  • Available in various diameters and lengths
  • Perfect to have a spare set of these onboard for docking / mooring at different marinas when travelling.
  • Simply set the length by tying the non-loop end to the dock cleats and just through the looped end over cleats on the boat when docking / mooring. This saves having to adjust the lengths every time, It’s just set and forget.


RWB-6954 10mm x 6 metre
RWB-6955 10mm x 10 metre
RWB-6956 12mm x 6 metre
RWB-6957 12mm x 10 metre
RWB-6958 14mm x 10 metre
RWB-6959 14mm x 15 metre
RWB-6960 16mm x 10 metre
RWB-6961 16mm x 15 metre
RWB-6962 18mm x 10 metre
RWB-6963 18mm x 16 metre
RWB-6964 20mm x 16 metre

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
Size and Length:

10mm x 6m, 10mm x 10m, 12mm x 6m, 12mm x 10m, 14mm x 10m, 14mm x 15m, 16mm x 10m, 16mm x 15m, 18mm x 10m, 18mm x 16m, 20mm x 16m