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Ronstan Removable, Round Padeyes

$462.01$621.93 incl GST


Removable screw-in padeyes are ideal for attaching blocks which may be removed when not in use or while cruising. A threaded plug remains in the base section when the top plates is removed to prevent dirt and grit from entering the threads.


Product No.A mm (in)B mm (in)C mm (in)D mm (in)E mm (in)Break Load kg (lb)ThreadWeight g (oz)
RF2433-0914 (9/16)9 (11/32)-55 (2 5/32)6 (1/4)4000 (8820)-285 (10.1)
RF2433-1019 (3/4)10 (13/32)-72 (2 27/32)8 (5/16)5000 (11020)-550 (19.4)

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