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Ronstan White Tube Holders

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Ronstan White Tube Holders:

  • Tube Holder Suits Clip 16mm (5/8″) Tube – PNP43E
  • Tube Holder Suits 19mm (3/4″) Tube – PNP43F
  • Tube Holder Suits Clip 25mm (1″) Tube – PNP43D
  • Tube Holder Suits 32mm (1 1/4″) Tube – PNP43C
  • Tube Holder Suits 38mm (1 1/2″) Tube – PNP43B
  • Tube Holder Suits 44mm (1 3/4″) Tube – PNP43A

PNP rope clips are designed to hold lines and halyards in place and out of the way while not in use. When deploying the line or halyard, the force of the line will pull free from the clip. Two primary styles: . Lashing version – designed to be tied or lashed onto shroud bases, mast bases, stanchions or bow pulpits. Ideal to use with Robline’s 2 or 3mm Orion 500 Mini spool products or Dinghy Lashing (2mm single-braid Dyneema) products.

Two sizes: . PNP576-2 for lines 5-10mm (5/32”-3/8”) . PNP578-2 for lines 8-14mm (5/16”-9/16”).

Cable Tie Version – Designed to attach with two cable ties to shroud bases, mast bases, stanchions and bow pulpits.

Two sizes: . PNP577-2 for lines 5-10mm (5/32”-3/8”) . PNP579-2 for lines 8-14mm (5/16”-9/16”).


Impact resistant, U.V. stabilised nylon.

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16mm – PNP43E, 19mm – PNP43F, 25mm – PNP43D, 32mm – PNP43C, 38mm – PNP43B, 44mm – PNP43A