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Applied as a paint, Ropecoat will stiffen and stabilise fibres in Dyneema, Spectra and Vectran cordage, it protects fibres from wear and UV sunlight. Ropecoat is a water-based, non-toxic paint product.

  • Protects HiTech Rope Core.
  • Stiffens Fibres.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Do it yourself or professional application.

It is far more economical to use Ropecoat that to replace the whole rope.

Racing yachts halyards and spinnaker braces often have a good portion of the outer cover removed to reduce weight, leaving the fibre core of the braided rope exposed and vulnerable. Rope core is the part that provides most of the strength to the rope and the cover is what protects the core. When the core is exposed, it can often snag on sharp objects and deteriorating more rapidly from UV rays.

Riggtech regularly use Ropecoat on halyard tips too. Often when we apply a chafe-guard jacket to halyard tips we also apply Ropecoat to further protect the rope from chafe or wear.

Never paint an entire rope with rope coat, we highly recommend ropecoated rope should never pass through a clutch or reach a winch, as the rope becomes too slippery.

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