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T-Bolt Stainless Steel 304 Hose Clamps

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T-Bolt Stainless Steel 316 Hose Clamps:

Australian made all stainless steel T bolt hose clamps for extra heavy-duty applications where large tightening forces are required.

They have a solid band with a rolled edge to prevent hose damage and are tightened via a hi-tensile 316 grade stainless hex head bolt.

These clamps feature extra solid construction with easy installation and tightening.

RWB5880 to 5885 have a band width of 20mm with 0.7mm band thickness and M6 x 55mm bolt.

RWB5886 to 5895 have a band width of 24mm with 1.0mm band thickness and M8 x 80mm bolt.
RWB5896 & over have a band width of 26mm with 1.2mm thickness and M10 x 105mm bolt.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

Min 40mm / Max 43mm, Min 44mm / Max 47mm, Min 48mm / Max 51mm, Min 52mm / Max 55mm, Min 56mm / Max 59mm, Min 60mm / Max 63mm, Min 64mm / Max 67mm, Min 71mm / Max 76mm, Min 77mm / Max 82mm, Min 83mm / Max 88mm, Min 89mm / Max 94mm, Min 95mm / Max 100mm, Min 101mm / Max 107mm, Min 108mm / Max 116mm, Min 117mm / Max 125mm, Min 126mm / Max 134mm, Min 140mm / Max 148mm, Min 149mm / Max 161mm, Min 162mm / Max 174mm