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Wichard Fairlead Pad Eyes 6mm – 10mm

$89.95$165.95 incl GST


Wichard Fairlead Pad Eyes:

  • Fairlead folding padeye with dedicated design.
  • Optimized design to prevent rope wear.
  • Becket feature for 2/1 purchase.
  • Reduced footprint (less assembly parts).
  • Flying sail furler tensioning.
  • In-hauler trimming.
  • Removable stay.
  • Can not be used for structural applications.


Wichard Fairlead Padeyes#6614#6615#6616
MaterialsStainless steel gradeStainless steel gradeStainless steel grade
Working load (kg)120021003200
Breaking load (kg)240042006400
Weight (g)102225453
A (mm)455775
B (mm)273545
C (mm)1721.526
D (mm)445981
d diameter (mm)6810
D diameter (mm)6810
E (mm)415168
F (mm)233039
G (mm)222732
H (mm)6810

Additional information

Weight .4 kg

6614 / 6mm, 6615 / 8mm, 6616 / 10mm