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Wichard White Soft Eye Stick On Padeye

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Wichard White Soft Eye Stick on Padeye:

Do it like the Pros with the new Wichard stick-on padeye.
This new generation of padeyes will allow you to fasten your equipment without drilling! It can be used outside or inside the boat.
Easy installation – no drilling required.
Compact & light.
Glue type: SIKA 292i (can be removed) or epoxy glue (for permanent installation).
Indicated loads are for Sika glue installation.

  • Materials: Fiberglass & Dyneema.
  • Loop diameter: 3mm.
  • Working load: 80kg.
  • Breaking load: 150kg.
  • Weight: 8g.
  • A: 40mm.
  • B: 3mm.
  • L: 20mm.

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