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AquaViro Professional Glass Cleaner – 1L

$36.95 incl GST


AquaViro Professional Glass Cleaner and Clears is excellent for removing tough salt spray and leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Spray-on-hose-off for easy cleaning in hard to get at areas and on heavily soiled or salt-caked surfaces. Specially formulated for marine clears and glass surfaces.

  • Highly concentrated formula – high dilution rates for economical use.
  • A Removes tough salt spray on marine clears and glass.
  • A Easy spray-on-hose-off application.
  • A Leaves surfaces sparkling clean and streak-free.


Areas of Application:

Any glass, windows or marine vessel “clears”, especially hard to reach places where a spray on, hose off scenario is the most practical process. The excellent economy makes this perfect for any large glass cleaning task (multi-level buildings, motels, shopping malls / showroom windows and glass security or safety fences etc.) and the spray on, hose off process allows for large time savings on big jobs or hard to reach places. Always check with local authorities, taking into account any requirements for wastewater disposal of cleaning solutions.

As there are many different forms and types of aftermarket tinting and tinting adhesive products, it may be possible that this product may adversely affect some types of aftermarket applied window tinting. Always test the area first with a small amount before applying to any aftermarket window tinting product.

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Weight 1.5 kg