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1L AquaViro Stainless-Steel Rejuvenator/Protector

$29.95 incl GST


AquaViro Stainless-Steel Rejuvenator & Protector is a natural oil-based product that rejuvenates old or dull stainless steel and lubricates and protects stainless wire rope. Protects and shines stainless surfaces, handrails etc. Simply buff to the desired lustre.

Contains a natural oil-based solvent which makes the stainless so much easier to clean next time. A truly superior product.

AquaViro™ Stainless Rejuvenator & Protector, first use cleaner & preparer (see above) followed by rejuvenator and protector to keep the stainless steel protected from the elements. Non-toxic and biodegradable formula.

Use on all marine stainless steel surfaces, ideal for the hospitality and fast-food industry.

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Weight 1.2 kg