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Tylaska Martin Breaker Snap Shackles

$413.95$466.95 incl GST


Tylaska Martin Breaker Snap Shackles with Standard Bails

Tylaska Martin Breaker Snap Shackles are perfect for halyard ends, their swivelling bail attachment allows twists in the rope to unravel off the rope, making it easier to pull up and preventing twists or knots. The trigger release is easy and lightning fast to operate, perfect for all cruising and racing scenarios.

The Tylaska Trigger Release Snap Shackles range is intended for static load applications only and is NOT approved for lifting applications. Refer to diagrams below for dimensions breakdown, working loads and break loads when ordering.

Each snap shackle comes with a dyneema trigger cord already installed. This item is perfect for remove triggering and eliminates the need to get out on a bow sprit in dangerous situations, simply pull the trigger cord from the safety of the yachts forward deck.

Tylaska Range.

Product No.Bail TypeA (in. [mm])B (in. [mm])C (in. [mm])D (in. [mm])E (in. [mm])F (in. [mm])G (in. [mm])Weight (oz [g])Working Load Limit (lb [kg])Breaking Strength (lb [kg])
TY1005-S-MBStandard0.53 [13.5].50 [12.7]3.02 [76.7].23 [5.8].30 [7.6].44 [11.1]N/A2.2 [62]2,500 [1,130]5,000 [2,270]
TY1008-S-MBStandard0.63 [16.0].58 [14.6]3.49 [88.5].28 [7.1].38 [9.7].54 [13.7]N/A3.5 [99]4,000 [1,810]8,000 [3,630]
TY1012-S-MBStandard.71 [18.0].72 [18.2]4.08 [103.7].33 [8.4].44 [11.1].63 [16.0]N/A5.9 [167]6,000 [2,720]12,000 [5,440]
TY1016-S-MBStandard.90 [22.9].79 [20.1]4.74 [120.3].38 [9.7].50 [12.7].73 [18.5]N/A9.1 [258]8,000 [3,630]16,000 [7,260]
TY1020-S-MBStandard.99 [25.1].99 [25.1]5.27 [134.0].45 [11.4].55 [14.0].75 [19.0]N/A12.7 [360]10,000 [4,540]20,000 [9,070]

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T5, T8, T12, T16, T20