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Donaghy’s Chafeguard (Dyneema Protective Jacket – No Core) / Metre

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Donaghy’s Chafeguard is a protective wear sleeve made from Stealth (UHMwPE) fibre. Designed for protection of sheets and other ropes in high abrasion applications such as halyard ends. Easily spliced into halyard ends. High UV Protection. Solution dyed, will not fade in colour

Colour Options: Comes in black or white. Chafeguard is commonly painted with Ropecoat after it is applied (ie. spliced into rope etc.) to the desired rope or halyard. It shouldn’t be painted beforehand, as it is too hard to push the core rope through the middle. Ropecoat can be purchased from our online shop too (Purchase here).

Chafeguard should never go through clutches or cleats or go around winches, its smooth outward characteristics make it difficult for clutches, cleats and winches to grip on the rope and will result in the rope slipping when you don’t want it to.

For best results, it is highly recommended that Chafeguard be tucked back into the core or jacket of the rest of the rope and tapered off periodically to create a smooth transition. This can be achieved by creating slack in the ropes jacket and pulling it through with special spicing needles.

Donaghy’s Rope Application Sheet

GP Chafe Guard Fact Sheet

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5 – 8mm, 8 – 12mm, 10 – 14mm, 14 – 18mm, 18 – 22mm


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