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Wichard HR Webbing Swivel Snap Shackles

$125.95$159.95 incl GST


Wichard HR Webbing Swivel Snap Shackles:

  • HR Forged snap shackle (Grade 17.4 PH stainless steel) with webbing swivel.
  • Its flat design allows to attach a webbing.
  • Free rotation of the snap shackle thanks to the swivel eye.
  • The plunger pin is set captive into the hook and cannot become detached.
  • Excellent working and breaking loads.
  • Easy to open by pulling the plunger pin (possibility to attach a lanyard).


  • Snap shackle applications.
  • Applications requiring a free rotation of the snap shackle (for a better sail orientation).
Wichard Webbing Snap Shackles#2374#2376
MaterialsHR 17.4 PH stainless steel gradeHR 17.4 PH stainless steel grade
Length (mm)80100
Working load (kg)9601280
Breaking load (kg)20003850
Weight (g)85170
A (mm)1621
B (mm)3040

Additional information

Weight .3 kg

2374 / 80mm, 2376 / 100mm