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Spinlock XAS Clutches

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Spinlock XAS Clutches:

XAS0408 (4-8mm) for high performance on small diameter lines

  XAS0612 (6-12mm) for superb performance across the rope range

  Easy access handle for effortless release

  Line friendly

  Side mountable

  Endless line version

  Handle labels supplied

  Replaceable parts, easy to upgrade and maintain

XAS0408 for 4-8mm line gives optimised clutching and holding power on small diameter lines. Strongly recommend for sports boats and other small boat high performance applications.

Standard XAS0612 can be converted for small diameter lines by using base module XAS0408.


XAS0408: Loads up to 400kg (880lbs)

XAS0612: Loads up to 575kg (1270lbs)

Fastenings: M6 (1/4’) CSK Head (Not Supplied)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm
Rope Size

4mm – 8mm, 6mm – 12mm

Single, Double or Triple

Single, Double, Triple

Side Mount

No, Starboard, Port

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